Filing A Lawsuit For A Burn Injury
In Concord, New Hampshire

Mar 16, 2010

There are a lot of injuries that can be quite painful, but perhaps none more so than a burn injury. The pain can often be excruciating, even if the burns are only first or second degree. The more sensitive areas in which the burns appear, the more horrific the pain can be. Another terrible part about burn injuries is that they can be quite difficult to recover from. There are often surgeries, skin grafts, and other painful procedures that can take place over years in order to get the victim back to his original state. With every treatment and bandage change, the pain can increase.

Burns can occur from many different sources, such as a house fire with an accidental cause. However, sometimes the causes of burns are not so innocent. Examples of burn injuries that could result in a lawsuit are burns from car accidents, intentionally set fires, and exposure to toxic chemicals or explosions. If you have been burned in one of these manners, you should consult with a lawyer to determine if you have a good case. This is true if it was in your own home, on the road, or at work. There are different laws in place for each type of situation and you will need a professional’s help to figure out where you stand.
In Concord, New Hampshire, there are a lot of reputable personal injury lawyers who can assess your case for you and let you know if it is worth pursuing. Many will give you a free consult, which means you do not have to pay any money to talk with them and tell them about your case. It will just take an hour or so of your time. They have likely dealt with many burn cases and will probably be able to evaluate your case within a small timeframe. Many will work on a contingency basis, which means that you won’t have to pay them money unless you win.
Sometimes in a personal injury case involving a burn injury, you can recover money to cover medical bills, lost wages from missing work, and money for pain and suffering. Given the amount of pain caused by burn injuries, especially those that are third degree, or worse, the settlement could be substantial. Some juries give large awards in burn cases because the details of the injuries can be quite gruesome. As a result, the defendant in your case may want to avoid a jury trial and just settle the case. Even that, though, can take time.
What can you do if you need the money now to pay bills, physical therapists, or even home care workers? You should speak with Lawsuit Hotline, which is a company that may be able to give you money now and you pay them back when you get your settlement. It is an advance on the money you could eventually receive from the person or company you are suing.  Visit them at to learn more.