Mere words cannot express my sincere gratitude for the financial blessing you sent me. Honestly I was being evicted without a clue where I’d sleep or eat! Mainly concerned how I would afford Topanax for my convulsive seizures medication. All of this due to my Slip n’ Fall head, neck and back injuries that I’ve received no compensation for. I’ve even been in a coma. I can never work full-time again. I constantly suffer from acute migraine headaches, neck and back along with 45% of my body 100% permanently disabled to function and do all the things I used to enjoy like golfing or riding a bike, etc. But faith sent me to your company; you listened to my desperate cry for help! When I prayed for a miracle your company blessed me, just when I NEEDED YOU most! Your assistance is awesome, helping me try to live again, with hope that I get well soon and I am given a FIGHTING CHANCE to pay my bills, keep my meds, see a doctor or just buy a meal. I got a new apartment because of your help.